Annette ★★★★½

Can't exactly imagine that this'll be a movie for everyone, but it did hit every box for me with regards to what I could expect from a Leos Carax film after Holy Motors and I enjoyed it all the more for that. Much like Holy Motors, it's easy enough to admire how a film like Annette just could come about based on the mere idea of performance art, with Carax showing it in its fullest form. But the whole foundation of a film like Annette is so clearly theatrical, to which Carax embraces beautifully, whether it be in the musical numbers and the performances - all of which unfold like a stage play, being so romantic and tragic, relishing inside of its spectacle.

It opens strongly and ends with the exact same note, it's Carax and Sparks coming together in the best ways possible - breaking down the form to its bare bones and feeling like a fever dream.

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