Blancanieves ★★★★

Feels nice to see another film that came from around the same time as The Artist to revitalize interest in silent films after they've practically disappeared for so long.

Pablo Berger's Blancanieves is one of the most stunning films that I've seen in a while, although the tendency to lean towards homage can only go so far. Being another stylized take on the Snow White fairy tale, I feel like there's a whole lot more that Pablo Berger could have achieved here with the fact that he's reinventing the Grimm fairy tale as a matador story set in 1920's Andalusia, but it's hard to not fall in love with the setting especially when it looks every bit as gorgeous as this does.

Although if we're speaking in terms of what more I could want from a silent adaptation of Snow White, Blancanieves is everything I could want it to be - and on top of all that, I could only hope that more people would be pushed to watch more silent films after seeing this too.

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