Days of Heaven

Days of Heaven ★★★★★

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Essential viewing for anyone who aspires to become a cinematographer; but I think that can already be said about most of Terrence Malick's work.

For Malick, this also feels as if his spiritual approach to his storytelling becomes more fully intact; creating a lingering melancholy present throughout Days of Heaven - even that title alone would also imply a biblical connection to come about. But as an allegory for the corruption of the human spirit through a false image of something that appears to be heaven-like, Days of Heaven does far more than just recreate the Adam and Eve story within the setting of 1910's Texas: it's a film all about the loss of innocence while living within an illusion of the American dream.

And did I ever mention that this movie is so beautiful yet? Because every frame of this movie could be hung up on a wall like it were a painting, to think Malick would always set out for shooting at a specific time of the day just to get the imagery to look every bit as pristine as it does here; every revisit of this just only leaves me breathless.

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