Eternals ★½

There's a part of me that wishes that the Marvel Cinematic Universe would start to slowly embrace the more cosmic aspect of their own films, especially when James Gunn was able to bring out so much from the Guardians of the Galaxy films and I thought there'd be some potential just from the thought that Chloé Zhao would shake things up for these films, instead her style feels neutered, functioning to reinforce what these films have been building themselves upon rather than trying to stand out.

I feel like I'd probably less mad if this wasn't an effort by a filmmaker whose style wasn't as highly established, because it just feels depressing to see Chloé Zhao's beautiful outdoor photography look incredibly washed out in here - moving by only in large exposition dumps for most of this film, just making everything feel so much longer than it actually is, before moving forth into the action of its later half. But I also think that the incorporation of the Hiroshima bombing might have been one of the most egregious, because it just feels like it's done in bad taste.

Yet I guess we'll have to give Phastos a pass for that because he's Marvel's first gay superhero, then? There's almost no flavour here, it's all just dry. Even more disappointed in the fact that this was one of the few I was interested in seeing for Chloé Zhao's name alone.

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