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I remember what it felt like to have first seen Paris, Texas when I was still in high school, slowly getting into film. To put it lightly, this was a film that also left a very big impact on me; it's one of the main reasons I wanted to get into filmmaking as a teen and it still remains one of my own favourite films in general.

I feel like most of what's already been said about Paris, Texas that makes it so great has already been said by numerous others better than I probably could - but every revisit of this movie makes me feel like I'm going down that same road trip, revisiting old memories as I'm left wondering how those past mistakes have helped form the person that I am today. From the way in which Wim Wenders frames the American deserts while his characters travel down the road to rediscover themselves, to me, this is truly one of the most beautiful films ever made for its visuals also carry a poetic, meditative quality to the film.

I could ramble on and on about Paris, Texas, but hearing Ry Cooder's beautiful guitar strumming is already enough to make my eyes feel watery.

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