Red Rocket

Red Rocket ★★★★

This is maybe Sean Baker's funniest movie to date, but that's all thanks to the fact that Mikey Saber might be the most unsympathetic character that he's ever written. But even then, he's still so wholly compelling and that's thanks to how Simon Rex portrays him - because he feels like the amalgamation of a selfish man who thinks that the star status he once had would be enough to get him anywhere.

All throughout the movie, I couldn't help but laugh along with his own misery - Sean Baker's own cinema-vérité approach scores yet another win for the director. There's a humanity to his works that I will always appreciate even if I don't always love the films, but it's all come clear in the people that Saber encounters, and ultimately, what happens to him in the long run because of what he does.

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