Three Crowns of the Sailor

Three Crowns of the Sailor ★★★★★

Every Raúl Ruiz film that I've seen so far has been nothing short of impressive, Three Crowns of the Sailor is another title that's only left me certain that Ruiz might be on the verge of becoming an all-time favourite if I see more of his films. Released in the same year as City of Pirates, it still retains that sense of fantasy as if it were a film born from the drunken ramblings of a pirate, which encapsulates the strangeness of the whole experience.

Nonetheless, it's rather straightforward but still cuts deep - as it remains so wholly melancholic, though I think that's a testament to Raúl Ruiz's incredible talent as a director. To think that he's made over 100 films before he died with such ease is a remarkable talent that couldn't be found so easily anymore.

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