Ugetsu ★★★★★

When Jean-Luc Godard said of Kenji Mizoguchi that he was "the greatest of Japanese filmmakers, or quite simply one of the greatest of filmmakers," it's easy to see why he would make such a declaration from watching this movie.

From watching Mizoguchi's films, it's easy to tell that they're very well-rooted in Japanese folklore, but they always have an urgency that resonates so far beyond Japanese culture. Yet it's hard to tell where Ugestu would be going from one viewing, but the ethereal quality that it presents, being a ghost story, would only result in a nightmarish quality that seemed characteristic only of him. You can't expect a film like this to be made by Akira Kurosawa or Yasujiro Ozu, but just like them, you could already see Mizoguchi as being one amongst those heights from watching this movie alone.

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