Annette ★★★★

Holy shit.

I'm still processing, but this is one of the most operatic movies I've ever seen. If you can, please watch this in theaters, for this is the kind of work that is best seen on the biggest screen possible. I won't say anything about the story since I think it's best watching it knowing as little as possible. All I shall say is that this is literally a Sparks brothers musical in the grandest scale imaginable. Adam Driver delivers maybe his best performance to date, Marion Cotillard is wonderful as always and Simon Helberg is shockingly great, especially in a scene where he essentially breaks the fourth wall, that he has gone from Big Bang Theory to this makes me very interested in seeing what he does next with his career. Overall, I'm not sure how much of this works, and a LOT of people are definitely gonna hate this, mainly I think that the story is a bit too predictable despite the weirdness with which it handles it, nevertheless I'm just happy to see something as ambitious and wild as this still being made.

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