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  • The Loser

    The Loser

    "I don't know if I find the Lacan line as funny as you do."

    I've always thought that David Shields was sort of a midwit, but this is pretty funny in a sub-Charlie Kaufman, analysis paralysis sort of way.

  • Whateverest


    This reminded me a little too much of hanging out with certain friends I used to play music with. I'd definitely seen the shorter version that was turned into the music video for "Inspector Norse" back in the day, a song that is still a total banger.

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  • Audition



    When Harry Met Salò.

  • Vertigo


    (I was originally planning on writing my review as an open letter to Hitchcock himself, which I might still do at some point, but this will suffice for now. The only part I regret not including was a question asking him how he'd like to be addressed. Hitch? Alfred? Al? Mr. Cock?)

    Reading that Orson Welles apparently hated this makes me so happy, especially when you consider that The Immortal Story is kind of the same thing except actually good...…