Drive ★★★★★

I remember when I first saw Drive in theaters. Me and my dad were early and waited for the previous screening to end. As patrons began leaving, we overheard these two teenage girls discuss the movie. One of them loudly said “that was one of the worst movies I’ve seen”. Me and my dad quickly looked at each other, wondering what we were about to get into. But good thing me and my dad are able to form our own opinions when watching movies and don’t have to be swayed by the critical eavesdroppings from before. We both fell in love with the movie within the first scene. The music, the editing, the style… it riveted me. It was another great movie experience that I got to share with my dad too, something that doesn’t happen much anymore since we live on opposite coasts of the country. 

It also baffles me that this came out a decade ago. Only feels like it was a few years ago when my dad and I waited in that lobby for the movie.

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