Parasite ★★★★★

For some reason this movie didn't find its way into my town's theatre, so I had to wait until a trip to munich finally made it possible to do what was long overdue. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand............ Bing Bang Bong...that was a quick watch. Wanted to immediatly see it again, which wasn't possible for financial and time porpuses. So here's a little poem/rap, that's hopefully ambiguous enough to not give anything away:

Yummy yummy, pizzahut,
Give me the job you fucking slut,
I am the devil; I don't care,
I'll cut your thing off, if you dare.

Jinxed me up, wifi down,
Get your sister as the clown,
Get your father, get your mum,
Hold your mango up and run.

This is madness, what we see,
watch her jerk him tenderly,
what if any of us need to pee?
Highly metaphorically.

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