Sorcerer ★★★½

It's probably a bit unfair to compare this to its original "Wages of Fear" 1953, because even though it is considered a remake, the approach is a different one. In terms of Sorcerer being a "let's drive these trucks with nitroglycerin in their trunks around the country and see what happens", it doesn't come close to Wages of Fear, mainly because the focus of the movie is much more on the action than on the adventure part of the genre.

It shines with stunning visuals, cool set pieces and incredibly violent action sequences, rather than those suspense moments, in which the audience itself is scared to move not to ignite the nitroglycerin . If the drivers in Wages of Fear had to take the same road as the drivers in The Sorcerer, the trucks would have been toast 5 minutes after the trucks hit the road.

So it's better or worse than the original, depending on what you like, but my money is on the slowly tension-building, painfully suspensful, grittier original version Wages of Fear, rather than on the action packed, fast paced, more violent remake The Sorcerer.

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