Drive ★★★★★

A few years have passed, and a lot of time for thought about rewatching this as it was, unfortunately, indoctrinated into the Dudebro™ Chad™ canon. But now that we’re all adults and not so heavily influenced by other’s opinions, I can confidently say that yes this is still an amazing, layered, perfect neo-noir/character study/stylistic exercise/mood piece/thriller/one of the best movies of the 2010s. A world where dishonest professions are more common than a stable job, mobsters operate out of pizza joints, and everything always looks gorgeous. But I could go on for hours about the music, the editing, the stunts, the other movies going on behind every character’s eyes, or how Ryan Gosling gives one of the best performances out of the past decade, or just how fucking COOL it is, man. I’m just very pleased I’ve always loved this, and always will.

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