Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread ★★★★½

Metrograph - 35mm

Paul Thomas Anderson works wonders in the Romantic Comedy genre.

Beautifully written, directed and acted little period piece. I adored the characters and could not get over how everyone is acting like a different type of bratty child who just wants to have their way.

Reynolds Woodcock is one of DDL's best performances and I hope earns him another golden man (Gary Oldman as Churchill? Miss me with that, please). Lesley Manville also shines as the lady Woodcock.

Been reading a lot about the fact that PTA didn't use a DP on this and shot it himself, the cinematography is quite simple yet very effective, funny that seeing this at an industry insider event that people still don't seem to realize that the days of the DP being a sort of wizard who really knows if you got it or not are over, even when shooting on 35mm. That being said I think PTA handled the camera with enough skill needed.

For a film about the making of dresses I was impressed with the costume design for its almost modest approach.

Music was wonderful.

Phantom Thread had multiple laugh out loud moments and a final line I am still smiling over. Easily one of the years best!

*extra 1/2 star awarded for Backgammon scene

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