Life, and Nothing More... ★★★★★

When I was 16, my aunt took me on a road trip to LA. On the way, we passed thousands of acres of dead land, caused by the drought. We saw signs all over the road trying to make people aware of the severity of the situation, and Congress’ role in it. We saw hundreds of people displaced, trying to find a way to begin new lives. 

I guess I must have repressed that. I wasn’t used to seeing that much devastation. About ten minutes in to this film, I started to remember that road trip. I saw myself in this kid, and even though the 1990 earthquake in Iran was much worse, I saw real similarities between peoples’ experiences in both events. 

As great as every other aspect was, the humanism of this film shows us that we as people have more in common than we have differences. I know that sounds corny, but in times like these, it was nice to have a reminder.