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This review may contain spoilers.

An all time classic film. A narrative that's confusing but meaningful once it's rightly understood. A perfectly paced film with little to no effects or pointless action to draw you into the character of Donnie Darko.

This film instantly hooks me with the unmasking of the beautiful landscape of mountains with peaceful music, but a vulnerable 16 year old boy being present in the middle of a open road confused me. This is the entire film in a nutshell. All the puzzle pieces are there, but it's hard to understand, because of the amount of hidden and subtle layers that are spread throughout the film’s journey. Once you watch this film more times than I have, you'll understand that the fear that you had for that young boy in the middle of the road will disappear, because it's all meant to be.

A film with such horrifying elements of a 6 ft tall bunny rabbit, a 16 year old going through sexual frustrations and being a paranoid schizophrenic, given the weight of saving the world on his shoulders. A Mother and Father trying to comfort a son with a mental illness that will scar forever.

I discovered this film during the time of my life that I was looking to grasp onto something that will enlighten me, instead of being surrounded and consumed by hatred, betrayal and sadness.

Once I re-watched this film as soon as I first watched it, and once I finally understood it's true meaning. I became happier as a person again. The character was so relate-able that I almost felt like Donnie,
even when Donnie had all that negativity by having to save the innocent, that are just as conflicted as Donnie. He ended up dying in his bed laughing, something genuine and fearless to do. I realised that I had much to seek for in life, as if I had to deliver happiness to those that need to die laughing too. I learned that Donnie saved people that he loved and that's what gave him his true happiness. Making the ones that he loved happy is what pushed him to save the world and die at peace without any guilty consequences.

This film touched me like no other film has done and I adore it. It's simply masterful and extraordinary. A film that is able to deliver this much emotion and this many life lessons, must be labelled as my favourite picture in the entire library of films around the world.

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