Sorcerer ★★★★½

Friedkin's best film? Seems so at a first glance. Even as revisionist fever swept through in the lead-up to this film's re-release, I had doubts over the need for a remake of Clouzot's perfectly tuned WAGES OF FEAR. But this isn't simple a re-do; it is shot through with angst over a great deal: nuclear terror, PTSD, Jewish-Arab tensions, and an almost Herzogian view of nature as an unfathomable killing machine. If WAGES is stripped down to an essence of survivalism, SORCERER is so shaken by the stresses of life in a politicized era that it's a miracle the characters don't set off the explosives just from being around them. The sequence on the bridge is an absolute masterpiece of movie making, one of the single best-crafted moments of New Hollywood cinema.