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  • Beautiful Boy

    Beautiful Boy


    the technical aspects of this movie interfere with every single performance. and it is so frustrating, because if it just slowed down and didn't try to tackle everything it tried to tackle, this would have been an emotionally resonant, nuanced movie.

    the editing, cinematography, and soundtrack are my main qualms. also the writing, but i'll come back to that. the acting is phenomenal, and by that i mean that timothée chalamet carried this entire film on his boney little shoulders,…

  • Maurice



    maurice is one of my favorite films because it isn't afraid to exist within duplicities. it is delicate and messy, heartbreaking and joyous, precise and passionate. i love every second.

    something i noticed on this viewing is the film's theme of what is natural vs. what is unnatural. maurice is constantly surrounded by plants, greenery, and other parts of nature; for example when he and clive lie in the field together, it is a moment when both characters are doing…

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  • Where Is My Friend's House?

    Where Is My Friend's House?


    such a quiet, simple little story but told so perfectly. the child actors are so naturalistic and subdued—they're fascinating—would love to read about how kiarostami worked with them because the direction is masterful.

  • Night on Earth

    Night on Earth


    jim jarmusch writes and shoots dialogue scenes at a level so unparalleled by any other director. i could listen to these characters all day.

    also that tom waits soundtrack!!! yesssss!!!

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  • Fyre



    sometimes ya just gotta suck dick so you can get your shipment of evian water out of bahamian customs i guess

  • War and Peace

    War and Peace


    me, loudly sobbing as i watch paul dano eat a potato: WHEN WILL MY SWEET ANGEL CHILD GET THE PRAISE AND RECOGNITION HE DESERVES