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  • Two of Us

    Two of Us


    the unauthorized musical biopic continues to be a genre that i find endlessly fascinating. when done poorly, it's like watching live-action slapdash fanfic and therefore a fun excuse to watch someone do an impression and embody rumored situations from a celebrity's life. when done well, they're always more interesting character studies and snapshots of a person's life than something executive produced by someone in the movie. someday i'll write a paper or something about this, but i feel like this…

  • David Byrne's American Utopia

    David Byrne's American Utopia


    i'm not a pessimist, but i do spend a lot of my time (especially lately) in this median space where i'm not feeling overjoyed or despairing. i just always feel like i'm waiting in line for something. i have a dry sense of humor. i harbor a responsible amount of skepticism. it's really rare for me to cry because of art.

    for whatever reason, david byrne's earnestness causes an autonomic response in me always. it's like he's the one thing…

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  • Fyre



    sometimes u just gotta suck dick so you can get your shipment of evian water out of bahamian customs i guess

  • Maurice



    maurice is one of my favorite films because it isn't afraid to exist within duplicities. it is delicate and messy, heartbreaking and joyous, precise and passionate. i love every second.

    something i noticed on this viewing is the film's theme of what is natural vs. what is unnatural. maurice is constantly surrounded by plants, greenery, and other parts of nature; for example when he and clive lie in the field together, it is a moment when both characters are doing…