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  • The Passenger

    The Passenger


    maybe it's just because the uncertainty of my current situation made me connect a bit too intensely to the existential themes but FUCK i loved this so much. i've loved antonioni on an aesthetic level before in the films from the early 60s i've seen but never connected as much on a gut level, but here the palette of drifting, uncertain people operating between a perceived liberation with little regard for the threats to that freedom and of the underlying…

  • Shampoo



    my warren beatty fucks? double feature:
    BONNIE & CLYDE: warren beatty can't fuck
    SHAMPOO: warren beatty fucks (everyone, all the time, god help him)

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  • Captain Lightfoot

    Captain Lightfoot


    i had a hard time concentrating on watching this because ~depression~ but the parts i saw were underwhelming. on one hand i thought rock hudson's curly hair was magnificent, on the other hand his character spanks and humiliates barbara rush in front of a bunch of people, he makes a comment about feeling like a father figure to her before it slips out that he doesn't want her to marry anyone but him, and she's like *swoon*. and like, i…

  • The Heiress

    The Heiress


    olivia de havilland's arc in this movie was so unexpected and welcome!!! (extremely evident that a woman co-wrote this story!) what a powerhouse performance this is for her. also aaron copland went so hard on this score oh my god the DRAMA!

    loved montgomery clift reappearing with a mustache (to show that time had passed)

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  • Fyre



    sometimes u just gotta suck dick so you can get your shipment of evian water out of bahamian customs i guess

  • National Theatre Live: Fleabag

    National Theatre Live: Fleabag


    phoebe waller-bridge doing an impression of tube rodent >>> everything shakespeare ever wrote