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  • The Human Surge 3


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  • Le Divorce

    Le Divorce


    spoilers but do u care?? do you actually???

    going to become the joker because i watched half of this then went back to finish it only to discover that it had been removed from hbo max and i had to pay $4 to finish the last hour ): fuming!!! however glad i did because this goes absolutely off the rails in the last 20 minutes (i.e. SPOILER this rom-com ends with double homicide??? je m'excuse???? vous avez assassiné mon amour…

  • The 400 Blows

    The 400 Blows


    as with literally every time i consume anything truffautian, watching this with robert lachenay's commentary was absurdly inspiring in a really specifically useful way to a script i'm writing??

    anyway, some things i learned/want to remember:

    - truffaut:balzac is me:truffaut aka lachenay started reading balzac just so he'd have something to talk to truffaut about because as a 13 year old he read THE LILY OF THE VALLEY and would not shut up about how a guy kisses a woman's…

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  • The Human Surge 3

    The Human Surge 3


    shame is being a mega-millionaire, existing is exhausting, the eggs are the nipples. probably for the best that i wasn't sitting in my preferred part of the theater (bending my neck in the FRONT!) because some lincoln center board member took pity on me suffering in the standby line and gave me a spare ticket in his reserved section in the back. i think he maybe saved me from nausea. instead i got lulled to sleep periodically listening to the…

  • Surviving Desire

    Surviving Desire


    an arch portrait of what happens when dostoevsky-induced academia brainrot renders people unable to relate emotionally with anyone, i.e., they're out here processing their feelings via totally silent BANDE À PART type dance numbers in alleyways or writing hypercritical novels about their object of desire. i think i get hal hartley now??

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  • House of Gucci

    House of Gucci


    i am simply thinking about:
    1) al pacino’s entrance in the film is that he is looking at a tabloid photo of adam driver and lady gaga and he says, “whaaaat is thiiIIiissss”
    2) a character alive, saying a thing, cut to IMMEDIATELY, that character dead in casket alskdks it made me laugh
    3) lady gaga really hamming it up sucking on a spoon she used to stir her coffee

    so silly, somehow adam driver is the least unhinged person…

  • Past Lives

    Past Lives


    felt so prepared to fall in love with this film but i couldn't help feeling like everything was a little underdeveloped. in the film we spend time with essentially three characters for 106 minutes, and somehow they all feel sort of surface-level in exploration. it just feels like a lot of this film is people discussing what other people are like without really seeing that exemplified in the film itself. greta lee is excellent, but i just feel like she…