Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★

ugghh i wanted to love this but ended up feeling pretty much how ian did, like i wanted to really connect with the simpler emotional moments but was hindered by how juvenile a lot of it is in a very pg-13 kind of way (the bagel thing....enough lol) even though this is trying to be a movie for adults?? i think it's also that the idea of a multiverse feels played out culturally right now and i've never found the concept particularly interesting, and i found myself getting too distracted by the mechanics of the story even as the writers were like "nothing matters" like...sure. the extent to which my theater was audibly blown away by this made the experience of finding it underwhelming more infuriating than it would have if i'd seen this in an empty theater.

don't tar and feather me though here are some things i liked a lot about this!!
- wkw homage! yay!
- deconstructing michelle yeoh's star persona!
- key huay quan aka data from the goonies giving an incredible performance! so stoked for him!
- harry shum jr gag funny!
- best use of clair de lune of any movie i've seen this week (aka better than FRANKIE & JOHNNY)

regardless i'm stoked that a movie based on an original idea and not previously-existing IP is having such a successful run! more of this please!

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