Possessor ★★½

trickery! the second cronenberg at the cronenberg double feature was sonny boy brandon cronenberg's lil uncut version of possessor! this was such a wild viewing experience because it was during this film that it started to rain, and so a few cars left at the beginning ($10 per car, you can wait to see it when you don't have to have your windshield wipers on, i get it). what was hilarious though were the cars that left throughout the film, like there'd be a prosthetic dick or a bunch of gore (some people could Not Handle that sean bean crowbar thing, and...i would love to unsee it please) and a couple cars would peel out of the parking lot. the one i didn't understand was the person who left a full 50 minutes into this hour & 40 movie. how can you watch HALF of this movie and not spend the rest of the night having at least 12 questions about what was going on?? how can anyone stand to torture themselves like that?? how do you not have questions about drippy-face andrea riseborough???

(best thing about this drive-in is that it's in an abandoned kmart parking lot and there was a kmart ad from the 70s that played before the coming attractions. not related to this movie, but, i loved the vibes. second best thing was mango habanero kettle corn.)

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