So Sweet... So Perverse

So Sweet... So Perverse ★★

i enjoy this specific genre of late 60s movie that's just the filmmakers going "let's be tantalizing! no one will be able to handle it!" and then it's very tame and kinda convoluted and badly acted and unintentionally funny. my favorite scene consists of carroll baker and jean-louis trintignant kissing intensely for a full minute while different light filters shine on them. it's sexy and weird and the most emotionally gripping thing that happens! otherwise everyone speaks very slowly-articulated english (jean-louis says "danielle" many times so now i'm thinking about this), the theme song is by a guy who was in HAIR, and at one point a woman shrieks "stop it! stop it!" at a shoe rack and throws a bunch of shoes onto the floor. anyway i'll watch any random nonsense for jean-louis trintignant and he did not disappoint me even tho he doesn't get enough screentime during the last half hour <3