The Beatles: Get Back

The Beatles: Get Back ★★★★

mentally i am in 2017 in my undergrad school library at midnight pouring over an absurd stack of books about the beatles so i can write a lengthy meandering paper about how the white album is a microcosm of the 1968 sociopolitical moment lmao :') if nothing else i am a person who will consume endless beatles content without question so of course i was going to enjoy this long and winding eight-hour document that's like 5% real househusbands of twickenham (comparing george to orson welles walking off his own movie....slandering two of my's hilarious but also fight me) and 95% goofs. i love it. i especially love:

- yoko and paul having the best time jamming together (i said it back when i watched LET IT BE on pornhub years ago and i'll say it again that yoko was simply here to vibe and watch john's hair get progressively greasier and do her little crossword puzzles and i love her)

- billy preston is my favorite beatle actually <3 i am sobbing because he's always just having the best time???? like he shows up and immediately gets the vibe of every song and everyone in the band is like "no notes thank u billy please join our band also we can pay you if you want?"

- linda mccartney's eye shadow game

- george is like "no you can't put me on the roof, i'm not going on the roof" and ringo is like "i want to go on the roof" and george knows he has lost however george is correct because who the fuck wants to play a string instrument on a roof in london in january???? how did their fingers not fall off

- not something i loved but speaking of fingers falling off, i was midway through part 2 when i fell asleep last night and i had a dream that john lennon used a piece of string to amputate my pinky finger so every time he sang "i had a dream last night" in part 3 i was giving him side-eye

- george harrison saying he wants whatever vegetable thing is available for lunch, specifically cauliflower with cheese sauce??? the food in this made me laugh, especially the constant supply of trays of little teacups, and also toast, and also presumably much weed

- let it be is still not the beatles album i come back to but this doc made me become a "dig a pony" fan for literally no reason however we know that "i me mine" did not get enough credit @PAUL I AM LOOKING AT UUU

- ringo enlisting george's help in writing "octopus's garden" because he has like 2 lines and is like "that's all i got! teehee" and george takes him so seriously, it's just lovely

- that woman who is mad the beatles's rooftop concert disturbed her nap???? ma'am

anyway enough list but i cannot stop laughing about that bit where paul and john are singing through their teeth because john looks like a swamp monster and it is horrifying, and paul is just staring at him the whole time completely unfazed, how he wasn't shitting himself at the sight of this greasy creep (not derogatory) i have no idea, this is a horror movie (mainly in the way it painstakingly details how it feels to write music which is uuhhhh exactly like this but i don't have the energy to dissect this now lmao)

anyway now i gotta figure out what to do with the rest of my silly little month of disney+

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