The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★

i appreciate committing to historical accuracy as precisely as possible —reading that they used lenses dating back to the early 20th century and a cyan filter that would block out red light in order to mimic photography from this period was very cool—but if you're doing that visually and through dialect/accents, why would you not also do that with the music?? it's such a missed opportunity for me that the score is this very obvious electronic droning stuff that is so pervasive in our current moment instead of using folk music from this time. it's not like music recordings from the 1880s/90s don't exist (they do) and it's recent enough that there's definitely extensive scholarship and written records of unique folk music traditions in new england, so if they wanted to go for something period-specific, they could have. or if not using existing folk music as a guide, why not period instruments?? what about some a-cappella sea shanties?? imagine how much more eerie this could have been if some disembodied voices were singing a sea shanty in the soundtrack, alluding to the sailors' souls inside the gulls!!! if you want to keep your drones, fine, but maybe use them in the context that they were used in american folk music?? it's like why commit to this detailed period-referential aesthetic on every front but one??

anyway those are my notes for the production team that no one asked for! i'm sorry but this movie was not for moi

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