Their Own Desire ★½

my first norma shearer vehicle and i'm regretting starting with something from 1929 because the acting is so clearly rooted in silent film while the dialogue delivery and gesticulations are so stilted and overdramatic that it's distracting. and i found norma shearer REALLY irritating as a screen personality! which sucks because i feel like there are probably better performances of hers out there and this was not a great first impression. even robert montgomery was hard to watch in this because his voice sounds like his tongue is swollen (i liked him in MR AND MRS SMITH and do not remember this being a thing so i guess he got a dialect coach between this and that). i can actually see this being something i would have liked if it was a silent film instead.

ugh the early sound era is so frustrating pls give me norma shearer recommendations

(4/10 from 1929)

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