• 80 for Brady

    80 for Brady


    a masterpiece of hagsploitation cinema and nfl propaganda!!! the heartwarming "it doesn't matter if we get into the superbowl as long as we've got each other" moment happens while the camera cuts to a wide overhead shot where the NFL logo takes up most of the frame!!! tom brady is absolutely dead behind the eyes and his line reading of "it's got a lotta sweat on it" is deranged. screamed every time bob balaban was onscreen as sally field's helpless…

  • Let the Right One In

    Let the Right One In


    why did you all let me think this is a horror movie for years when it's actually a sweet coming-of-age story?? clownery!!!! i am emo

  • Lover Come Back

    Lover Come Back


    DOWN WITH LOVE definitely ripped the vibes of this movie aka playboy ad man rock hudson pretending to be a big himbo chemist in order to charm career woman doris day is exactly the same as playboy journalist ewan mcgregor pretending to be a big himbo astronaut to charm feminist author renee zellweger, although this movie goes way more off-the-rails in the end and i did lose my mind over that one shot of doris day GHOST-ing rock hudson through swinging a golf club. i love any early 60s movie where people are flipping out over weed and orgies.

  • Mississippi Masala

    Mississippi Masala


    god this cinematography is so LUSH!!! denzel and sarita's chemistry is unreal even from their first scene together, so even when the story progresses into this ROMEO AND JULIET type expedited timeline at the very end, it's totally believable (and because it's hinted at early on that mina longs for love at first sight). mira nair's ability to interweave this romance with broader themes of rootedness and racism is just masterful, especially when everything about the setting and production design is beautifully specific. took me way too long to get around to seeing this <3

  • Le Divorce

    Le Divorce


    spoilers but do u care?? do you actually???

    going to become the joker because i watched half of this then went back to finish it only to discover that it had been removed from hbo max and i had to pay $4 to finish the last hour ): fuming!!! however glad i did because this goes absolutely off the rails in the last 20 minutes (i.e. SPOILER this rom-com ends with double homicide??? je m'excuse???? vous avez assassiné mon amour…

  • Battleship Potemkin

    Battleship Potemkin


    there sure was some drama on deck!

  • Winter's Bone

    Winter's Bone


    yeah i still think this script is clunky as fuck when it comes to dialogue and many of the performances feel wooden as a result. watched for my class on story structure and it sure is very 3-act, check those boxes, boop boop boop

  • James Baldwin: From Another Place

    James Baldwin: From Another Place


    completely beautiful cinematography. related to james baldwin a lot as someone who also talks very quickly :')

    "you can make comparisons from another place, from another country, which you aren't able to make in america because there is nothing to compare america to when you're there."

  • Manila Is Full of Men Named Boy

    Manila Is Full of Men Named Boy


    still one of my favorite shorts—i saw this 4 years ago at a shorts festival in prague and found it so bleak and funny. i have been wanting to see it again since i saw jon norman schneider in mia chung's CATCH AS CATCH CAN at playwrights horizons back in december, in which he was totally brilliant playing the roles of an emphatic italian american mother and her fuckup son, sometimes in conversation with each other (truly an insanely good…

  • Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

    Kuch Kuch Hota Hai


    accidentally did a "single parent with an eight year old daughter finds love again" double feature tonight between this and UN BEAU MATIN?? and cried during both obviously. that train scene wrecked me. truly a movie made of close-ups of people looking at each other longingly.

    thinking about:
    - shah rukh khan and his mesh shirt
    - the plethora of wraparound sunglasses in the first half
    - karan johar really tried to convince me that kajol is ugly at any…

  • One Fine Morning

    One Fine Morning


    a film coming at the exact right time for me in my own writing, if only because this story is incredibly simple but the characters, relationships, thematic mirrors, and gentle emotional arcs are all richly detailed. i'm sort of at a loss for words about this, but i felt it all on a visceral level, deep in my bones. i just love the opening set of images where léa seydoux floats from visiting her ailing father to translating for WWII…

  • Mask



    reminded me a lot of RUNNING ON EMPTY and not in any way beyond just the vibe of mid-80s to early 90s teen coming of age family dramas. i know this is a low bar for films about characters with disabilities, but appreciated that the film never feels like it's gawking at rocky, like the way he's framed and introduced is typical of the introductions any teenage protagonist—what does he like, how does he move through the world, how does…