• So Sweet... So Perverse

    So Sweet... So Perverse


    i enjoy this specific genre of late 60s movie that's just the filmmakers going "let's be tantalizing! no one will be able to handle it!" and then it's very tame and kinda convoluted and badly acted and unintentionally funny. my favorite scene consists of carroll baker and jean-louis trintignant kissing intensely for a full minute while different light filters shine on them. it's sexy and weird and the most emotionally gripping thing that happens! otherwise everyone speaks very slowly-articulated english…

  • Il Sorpasso

    Il Sorpasso


    simultaneously i feel called out by this movie because in many social situations i am jean-louis trintignant sitting quietly in his apartment while a stranger takes a shower in his bathroom and thinking "maybe i should warn him not to touch the shelf" for too long and then the stranger breaks the shelf and he has to say "oh, it's no problem" and is clearly dying on the inside because of the chaos, AND i also feel like i must…

  • Gourmet Baby

    Gourmet Baby

    this made my skin crawl. i cannot wait for sandi tan's adaptation of elif batuman's THE IDIOT, it will be made for moi

  • Taste of Cherry

    Taste of Cherry


    i think my favorite kiarostamiism is how he shoots people driving in cars from the passenger seat, so you feel like you're in the car with the character, and whenever they stop you see all this activity out the window, and people run to the window and shout things or ask a favor or have a conversation. just as i was thinking this film is more straightforward than many of his others, that ending recalls the last two parts of the koker trilogy and now i'm feeling equal parts conflicted and amazed. he really is such a singular director.

  • Evening Primrose

    Evening Primrose


    watched and absolutely VIBED to this while i was cooking dinner last night and it is so deliciously evil! anthony perkins singing sondheim is so fucking thrilling i want to die

  • The Master

    The Master


    okay but i just read that jeremy renner was attached to play freddie quell at one point and i cannot stop laughing about it. jeremy renner of the jeremy renner app. mr. happy rennsday himself. ol' "zee doo bop bop da da dop bop bayyyyooo, never be the same, heaven don't have a name." that guy who flips houses. just picture it.

  • Pariah



    i love how dee rees constructs these characters and relationships so that every person is wholly sympathetic, even as she makes clear who is morally in the wrong. she's more interested in depicting people each with their own personal hang-ups and personality flaws than depicting a conflict without nuance. i love the music so much, especially in that climatic moment when alike tears her bedroom apart.

  • The Strawberry Blonde

    The Strawberry Blonde


    feels like someone wrote a heartfelt period drama about a poor son of irish immigrants who falls in love with a suffragette and who wants to be a dentist but gets caught up in his rich friend's sketchy business and pays the price, but then some studio executive said, "this needs more goofs!" and that's why we get a scene where jimmy cagney and olivia de havilland and rita hayworth and jack carson are very confused about how to eat their spaghetti

  • The Swimming Pool

    The Swimming Pool


    oh my god the ATMOSPHERE!! so tactile and oppressive (i’m very worried about all these people not wearing sunscreen). my favorite genre (messy hotties have a terrible vacation) and great use of pop music—when that one saxophone tune came on, it was so loud that this one lady in my theater gasped in shock lmao (she spent a lot of the film laughing at inappropriate times and someone shouted “tais-toi!” at her akshdks excellent first theater experience since moving to new york). i’ve wanted to see this for years and looooved it.

  • Paris, Texas

    Paris, Texas


    like a dream! i love how wenders shoots the road and all these temporary locations, none of them seem real. and dean stockwell still melts my cold heart 🥲

  • Take Aim at the Police Van

    Take Aim at the Police Van


    i don't know why this is the seijun suzuki film that's been on my radar for years—i think the title is catchy af and probably got stuck in my brain. but even though i found this bogged down by plotty mess, i'm excited to see more of suzuki's work! the opening and title are so cool, i just wish the rest of the film was as spectacular as those two bits and not just a pretty straightforward procedural.

  • Paris Is Burning

    Paris Is Burning


    Opulence! You own everything! Everything is yours!

    so much love for everyone in this film and for this city ❤️❤️