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DUNE (1965) 091720:
book review, 5/5

finished the book yesterday 091720.
had been meaning to get around to it for quite awhile, and the DUNE (2020) trailer dropping inspired me to start. it's an incredible read of fantastic sci-fi world-building, ecological consciousness, & political strife. loved it.

"and he thought then about the Guild - the force that had specialized for so long that it had become a parasite, unable to exist independently of the life upon which it fed. they had never dared grasp the sword... and now they could not grasp it. they might have taken Arrakis when they realized the error of specializing on the melange awareness-spectrum narcotic for their navigators. they could have done this, lived their glorious day and died. instead, they'd existed moment to moment, hoping the seas in which they swam might produce a new host when the old one died."

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DUNE (1984) 091820:
movie review, 3/5

sure, it's "not good" and would have been utterly incomprehensible if i hadn't read the book first. still, i appreciate the truly weird and gross take. ambitious as hell, & bonkers to try to fit it all in one movie. more excited for DUNE (2020) now and also convinced it'll be equally incomprehensible.

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