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Jake Tropila


Writer for Film Inquiry and Optimism Vaccine. Studying Film Criticism and Media Theory at CSUN.

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  • Alien³



    Assembly cut.

    Well, this is a perfect little nightmare. Willfully torches its franchise ambitions for something so bleak and beautiful. A genuine oddity, and the closest any of the sequels come to the spirit of ALIEN.

    (“But they kill off Hicks and Newt!” you cry out. Fine by me - Hicks was severely maimed at the end of Aliens, and a child has no business running around a prison planet in located in the ‘ass end of space.’ Cutting the dead weight without any fanfare is one of the many bold moves this film makes.)

  • Hard Boiled

    Hard Boiled


    Like Godard said, all you need to make a movie is Chow Yun-Fat holding two guns. The closest any of us will ever get to seeing God.

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  • Dunkirk



    DUNKIRK is a technical marvel, and NOTHING ELSE.

    Look, there's no denying that Christopher Nolan is an accomplished and gifted craftsman. Formally speaking, he really pulls out all the stops here, shooting much of the picture on immense, 70MM IMAX cameras, and unleashing a sonic fury of piercing gunshots, percussive explosions, and horrifying screams of agony (look for this baby to rack up every Sound Editing award in 2018), all set to Hans Zimmer's constantly throbbing (and intrusive) score. With…

  • Good Time

    Good Time


    "Don't get confused, it'll just make things worse for me."

    Goddamn, this is great. A gripping and claustrophobic descent into hell. Robert Pattinson is absolutely electrifying.