• Trouble Every Day

    Trouble Every Day


    “If I want you back
    I could get away
    Before the sunshine leaves your eye
    But I need to know
    How to find a place
    Before the days become nights
    Before the years become lies
    And there’s trouble every day...”

  • Music


    Embarrassing on every level. Embarrassing that Sia conceived of such a condescending and misguided film to be her feature debut. Embarrassing that Sia actually followed through on her appalling premise and cast a neurotypical actress to deliver such a heightened, dreadful, tic-laden, and grotesque caricature of a person with autism. Embarrassing that Sia views autistic people as subhuman who occasionally need to be physically restrained in order to cope with the world. Embarrassing that Kate Hudson’s recovering drug addict perfectly…

  • The Keep

    The Keep


    “What drives people out in the middle of a rainy night?”

    Not the worst Mann, but definitely the weirdest and wildest (if also the most incomprehensible). The stunning production design, ace camerawork, and Tangerine Dream’s atmospheric score keep it consistently fascinating. A beautiful anomaly.

  • Let Him Go

    Let Him Go



  • Duck, You Sucker

    Duck, You Sucker


    Forever a Leone blindspot of mine, finally got around to this tonight. Absolutely incredible, a macho, powder keg of a film, easily one of his finest. James Coburn is so fucking good in this.

    (As far as its panoply of alternate titles go, Duck, You Sucker! > A Fistful of Dynamite.)

  • Peking Opera Blues

    Peking Opera Blues


    AKA Tsui Hark’s 3 WOMEN. A oneiric and spellbinding flurry of political subterfuge, theatrical expression, and copious amounts of gunfire. The seeds of a powerful revolution are sown here. Simply the best.

  • Crocodile Dundee

    Crocodile Dundee


    The "quotes" around "Crocodile" in the title were added for the American release to ensure people didn't think that Dundee was a crocodile.

    -IMDb Trivia

  • Rebecca



    “Please promise me never to wear black satin or pearls...or to be 36 years old.”

  • Massacre at Central High

    Massacre at Central High


    Like a 1970s Heathers, but with a lot more gratuitous sex and graphic violence (the dynamite budget alone could choke a chicken). The lead guy channels some great bizarro energy and makes for an extremely effective madman. What I was really taken with, however, was Synapse’s blu-ray restoration. I had never seen this film before, but it looked impossibly stunning - the image was rich and the print was sparkling clean. A total blast.

  • Alien³



    Assembly cut.

    Well, this is a perfect little nightmare. Willfully torches its franchise ambitions for something so bleak and beautiful. A genuine oddity, and the closest any of the sequels come to the spirit of ALIEN.

    (“But they kill off Hicks and Newt!” you cry out. Fine by me - Hicks was severely maimed at the end of Aliens, and a child has no business running around a prison planet in located in the ‘ass end of space.’ Cutting the dead weight without any fanfare is one of the many bold moves this film makes.)

  • Hard Boiled

    Hard Boiled


    Like Godard said, all you need to make a movie is Chow Yun-Fat holding two guns. The closest any of us will ever get to seeing God.

  • Titicut Follies

    Titicut Follies


    "The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts has ordered that 'A brief explanation shall be included in the film that changes and improvements have taken place at Massachusetts Correctional Institution Bridgewater since 1966.'"

    (next frame)

    "Changes and improvements have taken place at Massachusetts Correctional Institution Bridgewater since 1966."

    My first Wiseman, and quite the powerhouse - haunting and stark, an upsetting glimpse into the perpetual nightmare endured by the lost souls of Bridgewater. It’s telling that the lieutenant governor of Mass.…