Moebius ★★★

Summer of South Korean Cinema - 3. Kim Ki-duk

I really don't know how to feel about this movie. I think the way it remains so compelling despite being completely without dialogue is impressive. I applaud the actors in this film, for being able to convey so much without any words at all. I also think it's incredibly memorable, and stirred up a lot of emotions and reactions out of me.

However, of the Kim Ki-duk films I've seen so far. I think I got the least out of this. While there are surely messages to be taken from this film. It did actually feel like an exercise in trying to come up with scenarios most likely to illicit shock from the audience. I think movies that feel like watching a car crash in slow motion can be fantastic, and this is a movie like that. But it felt like it was missing something.

If you want to see a shocking movie, this one definitely does the trick. But I was hoping for something more that I didn't get from watching it. Though I am actually interested in a rewatch at some point. Because I think there may be something to be gained from a 2nd viewing, with the shock factor being dampened by having already experienced it.