Parasite ★★★★½

If not for some music choices early on that sounded royalty free, some on the nose dialogue throughout, & an inane dragged out third act with a lackluster denouement & ending that had me leaving the theatre unmoved, this could’ve been my favorite of the year behind The Lighthouse. Obviously a great movie otherwise though! Phenomenal performances across the board, an original gripping story with intriguing characters to boot, marvelous technical craft, fabulous pacing, an intricate blend of suspense & comedy that works both ways, & a fascinating examination of what it truly means to eat the rich in addition to human nature in the age of capitalism.

EDIT: originally had this just at four stars, but upon further reflection, bumped it up to 4.5. My issues still stand, but having read some pieces on the ending & its significance, it makes more sense & works for me more than it did. Contrary to what I said above, this is my favorite of the year behind The Lighthouse!

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