Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza ★★★★★

MGM + Universal 
1.33:1 + 2.39:1
Monochrome + Colour 

Do you like peanut butter sandwiches?

In the same vein as Anderson’s Inherent Vice, Licorice Pizza is a stream of consciousness but instead of a fried acid brain, it takes the tender and often beautiful depiction of brooding teenage angst. As usual with any Anderson’s features, the pacing, the immersion, and the sheer quality of production are immaculate and flawless. His performances -surprisingly choosing the untested - are equally as terrific and throughout astounding. Alana Haim for one is utterly superb with beautiful range and depth. Copper Hoffman impresses in what feels like unfinished and poignant reconciliation for the director. Alas, the soundtrack and the supporting cast consistently enrapture the viewer in this tale of fragility and warmth, equalling a splendid and transcending experience.


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