Manhunter ★★★★★

Optimium. Blu Ray
Color (Technicolor)

Michael Mann is perfect for a film like this, a cop drama with two serial killers involved with a lot of chaos intertwined. It looks beautiful in some scenes and Mann always casts his films well. It's quite a slow film and doesn't really have any major action sequences such as his later hits. It's a slow burner and more of a psychological thriller in the scenes that we are following a detective trying to find one deranged killer but who's mentally fractured by a previous one. It's a shame Mann never made a sequel or even made a similar in the late 90's or 2000's. The performances all round are quite fantastic. William Petersen as Will Graham was great, I really liked him and his character dynamic. In essence he's more or just as damaged as the Killers. I also really liked Tom Noonan in this film. I haven't seen much of him acting except for his small scenes in Heat. He doesn't show up until about 40 or maybe even 50 minutes into the picture but I really liked his character and how his story went. Another character I really liked was Reba McClane played by Joan Allen, she really brought a wonderful humanised and down to earth performance. 
I do have a few negatives however, the editing in the final few scenes are horrendous to watch, I know they they were done but they just aren't pulled off to the quality they were needed. Another is Brian Cox as Hannibal Lecktor, I wanted more of him. He played the character so differently to what we've seen incarnated I wanted to see more of that interpretation.


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