Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★★

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“Let me give you some advice. Assume everyone will betray you. And you will never be disappointed”

Solo: A Star Wars Story is the most casual Star Wars entry you'll ever see, slick, stylish but ever so cavalier in both it's delivery and execution. It starts ropey with cheap and rather clumsy dialogue, which is never fiddled out throughout the entire runtime, but quickly picks up a pace with a few eloquently designed set pieces. Performances are either efficient and/or fun, for any character,  unfortunately, there isn't any natural stand out with the actors struggling to really grasp with their respective parts, albeit feeling natural onscreen as they develop and evolve accordingly as the film unfolds. Ehrenreich does well with the double-edged swords he has been given and embodies the titular character with both charisma and charm. As does most of the cast with Glover also impressing with so little screentime he has. The issues lie with the storytelling. The screenplay feels far more specific and self-indulgent than it should be. It doesn't breathe or stretch as far as it should do in this universe and the film has no real antagonist to root against, therefore no tension is ever felt. The score is rather poor from composer John Powell, as is the cinematography from Bradford Young which is so incredibly under-lit. The film also throws in a major curveball in it's final act that does so little but undermines so much of what came before it, almost leading any interest away from this property to something that's clearly on the future horizon. People of colour rule in this Galaxy and I can't wait to see more diversity in a franchise that NEEDS to be explored in-front and behind the camera far more than it is now.


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