Spectre ★★★★

MGM + SONY. Blu-Ray
35mm + Codex + Redcode RAW

“You're a kite dancing in a hurricane, Mr Bond”


A strong follow up to the critical acclaimed Skyfall was always going to be a tough task to beat, even on par for that matter, but Spectre, instead of playing it remotely safe, actually regresses the character and franchise. I still admire the cinematography and the score, but ultimately, Mendes gets too much wrong and ushers in such a tone deaf atmosphere. Bond’s relationship with every female character has zero depth, forced and highly inappropriate, borderline offensive, if not incredibly so in this day and age. Gone is the flirtatious character and in its place a sexist predatory villain. The script is at times incredibly reliant on a poor story that plays into coincidence rather than confidence, lacking charisma, or integrity of previous outings. The Rome car chase is inexplicably bad. The pacing is stretched, with zero amount of tension or excitement. The pacing is slightly off and ultimately ruins the length of the picture. Waltz is most definitely miscast, bringing no command nor authority (aside from his first five minutes) throughout a picture that demands a great deal of anxiety surround said character. Seydoux adds a great deal of class, as does Harris, but both are under-utilised, with the latter reduced to a glorified cameo. Spectre doesn’t change the game at all, instead it drags it so far into the fast its almost black and white.


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