Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★

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“Let the past die. Kill it, if you have to”

Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi is a bitterly disappointing, flat, tiresome, and ultimately disastrous attempt at wanting to stand out against the norm. The tone is completely utterly wrong for such a massively important episode in a franchise that needs to go darker and embrace it. It has no clue of what it wants to be, aside from being “different” so it thinks its doing something right. Performances are good, Driver once again excels in a terrifyingly monstrous character, with the energy of a grenade. Boyega, Fisher, and Issac all impress, but it’s Lourd, Marie Tran and Dern who walk away winners here, even if they’re all drastically underused. All steal mostly every scene and are a true delight to watch. If you wanted answers, and I mean ANY answers from The Force Awakens you’re getting NONE! Absolutely nothing, even though we were promised backstory on both Snoke and Rey, the later is touched upon with satisfying consequence. Johnson almost feels like he’s retconning the franchise, and gleaming in the fiery implosion. It starts with moving Kylo’s scar and falls down a rabbit hole of strange and unneeded changes. The Last Jedi is too busy wanting to impress with childish humour, resulting in indecision and no clear sign of direction. I am bitterly disappointed, and presumably behind close doors and unfortunately with many fans, this film will be rife with plaudits and congratulations simply because it’s a distinctively different Star Wars to what people have seen and they feel obliged to welcome it because they have no idea to process it otherwise, knowing full well it’s a very poor addition to what's slowly becoming a bloated franchise.


Do you guys want a SPOILER review? I have so much more to get off my chest and presumably annoy everyone who “adores” this.

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