The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★

E-One. DVD
Codex ARRIRAW & Redcode RAW


Stylish, slick and undoubtedly brilliant in its execution. Shane Black pulls every generic genre convention and then in turn completely derails from its predestined path to create something not only more fun, but compelling and structured. The writing is sheer magic, constant and refreshing it hits with every sarcastic, vulgar and meaningful sentence. Crowe and Gosling are weirdly wondeful in one of the most unlikely partnerships put together on screen. Their constant back and forth for domination in the relationship is reminiscent of an old decrepit couple, made even stranger with the stand out performance from Angourice Rice - who at times out wits, out laughs and even out performances the dynamic duo. The latter are gross, stupid and most importantly products of their environment, as long as LA is a boiling out of corruption, The Nice Guys will be knee deep in the trouble that drives them down the rabbit hole.

Was 77 now 81

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