A Nightmare on Elm Street ★★★★

It’s come to my sudden attention that I’ve only seen the first two films in this franchise and I need to change that immediately. 

What hasn’t been said about this film? It’s one of the best slashers and one of the best horror films ever made. While I don’t find this film particularly scary, I find certain visuals to be terrifying as well as the overall concept. The fact that sleep can be the cause of your death is honestly frightening and I think it’s handled very well here. Freddy (always performed well by Englund) has always scared me in the context of his character. He wasn’t a good person turned bad by experience; he was a literal child murderer (hinted at being worse than that in subtext) before he became a dream murder makes his character not only irredeemable, but a monster through and through to no end.

The fantasy horror elements are great and blur the lines between what is a dream and what isn’t, adding a mysterious and tense element consistently and the overall tone is perfect; Wes Craven was always good at that (RIP). Absolutely love this one and how creative and monumentally influential it is. Can’t wait to delve more and more into this crazy franchise!

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