Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo ★★★★

This film was chilling. While I wasn’t necessarily scared (watching it during the day probably didn’t help the overall ambiance and I intend to watch it in the dark eventually), I was definitely unnerved at points. This is mostly thanks to the expertly crafted mockumentary filmmaking here. 

What I really appreciated was how the story was expressed through the actors. Not once is there a scene where a character is talking to another character several feet away where you can hear the conversation clearly, assuming someone is wearing a mic. Every bit of dialogue is presented either through interviews or archival footage, which really helped amplify a believable documentary tone. The performances from all the actors is fantastic and honestly drives a huge part of the film. Everyone in this film plays their respected characters with such life and believability that I was actually convinced this could be real (to a degree). Really impressed there.

The film never relies on jump scares. Instead, the frame zooms in on a certain aspect in a picture or video that one might find unnerving. It’s really effective. Also, watch through the main credits, because there’s some genuinely chilling moments there that really brought the film full circle.

Despite some moments where I felt the film lose some steam, I was never not invested. It’s a really good mystery and one where I was always trying to figure out what it was trying to uncover. Excellent filmmaking here as well as the editing; I’m so impressed with those aspects. If you want to watch something chilling, turn the lights off and wait until it’s dark to watch this gem.

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