Persona ★★★★½

Story time!

My 10-year-old brother happened to be in the same room as me while watching this and he got hooked. I didn't know that the movie was going to have that big conversation about the orgy she had, so that was uncomfortable and he left for a bit. When I took a break to eat dinner, I was telling my mom and my sister about the plot and the characters in the movie, and then he interjects with, "But who was being crucified?!"

When the movie reached its last 20 or so minutes, he came back and watched the rest with me, and he was hooked. He then started coming up with his own theories and how it connected with the first half hour he saw, and he was so excited to talk about it. I'm helping develop a tiny cinephile, and I don't know if that's a good or bad thing yet.

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