Annette ★★½

Let me start by saying I absolutely think films like this one need to exist. They need to be made - and seen - by people. Challenging oneself by watching films helps push the medium forward. We can’t forever be stuck with vanilla crowd pleasers or we will just watch the same thing over and over ad nauseam. 

While this didn’t particularly work for me, it’s also been the only film I could think about this week. It’s funny how things you didn’t like, end up just taking over your mind for a while and truthfully, by stewing on it, I’ve come around to mostly being fine with it. It is bewildering, and bonkers. Like if you’re not in on the idea from minute one (which this absolutely tells you how this is going to go) it’s not gonna be a good time for you. But there is something here at its core that is so good that ultimately I can’t hate it. Anyway, I’m rambling. Just go see it.