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  • Tremors
  • Local Hero
  • Running on Karma
  • Lost Highway

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  • Daddy Can't Dance

  • The Butterfly Effect

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  • Gamera 2: Attack of Legion


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  • The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans

    The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans


    A decade later and I'm still picking up on little things here and there in terms of how this can be read, as both the Cage and Herzog are totally doing improv at times.Also, is Herzog taking shots at Malick?

    Say what you will, but this is one of the biggest enigmas surrounding the most engaging performance of the century.

  • Throw Down

    Throw Down


    Sometimes you need to get thrown on your ass to learn how to get back up.

    Just completely resonatated with me on almost every level. I have yet to see the "Election" movies or "Exiled", but between this and "Running on Karma" I think To's genre benders surpass his crime/action flicks.

    The two standout scenes for me were the bar brawl and the eacape from the gambling house. The brawl reminded me of the climax of his most recent work…

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  • Daddy Can't Dance

    Daddy Can't Dance

    Disclaimer: I got really into watching breakdance stuff for a short time so this might be way more generous than it should be.

    Wiseau, Breen, De Hart, Denney, and now Vinal. Ever wonder what would happen if a 50yr old white dude walked up to "You got Served" and was like hold my beer? Me either, BUT HERE WE ARE!

    Stunningly bizzare at times with cg cartoon gags hospital bed melodrama, dress up skits where one character threatens that he…

  • The Butterfly Effect

    The Butterfly Effect

    Unratable, borderline camp classic with the directors cut. Like the director/writer remembered Abe Simpsons wedding advice and put it through a Donnie Darko filter. Completely ridiculous from it's onset with Kutcher experiencing more trauma as a child 20 minutes into this movie than an entire cites foster system. So many scenes just leave you dumbfounded and the directors cut ending just has to be seen to be believed. Really see why the studio axed that.

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  • Wolf Warrior

    Wolf Warrior


    Not bad overall. The over the top patriotism was kind of fun in it's constant assault, in the first 2 and a half minutes alone with have 5 zoom ins on something with either PLA or it's logo. The reason I found this fun was it gave me an idea how obnoxious it is in American action movies for viewers outside the U.S.

    The plot is kind of dumb in regards to the antagonist's plan and the CGI is just…

  • Runaway Train

    Runaway Train


    Everything going on with Ukraine of late is probably altering how I'm seeing this, but there is this Cold War fatalism underlying this. We have this piece of world changing technology run amok, careening to a path to destruction. The only stopping it is an uneasy alliance of figures from different sides and forced alliances, with a debate between individual preservation and the chance at a miracle brought about by the disparate collectivism.

    I think what I admire the most…