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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

The title seems to be as in "the naked truth" and it is in reference to humans. How our uncertainty is are guiding light and everyone lives their life in a way to deal with this uncertainty.

The characters in "Naked" all seem to deal with it in their own certain way. Louise wants stability whereas flatmate Sophie gets lost in drugs. Johnny breaks people down with his words whereas Jeremy uses brute force.

Johnny being the lead is obviously the most fleshed out even though its hard to say he changes more than you learn the truth about him. I don't know if I particularly liked him, but he was compelling nonetheless. The way Leigh wrote him was like a schizophrenic Linklater lead, but unlike him Leigh's supporting characters don't romanticize his self indulgent bull.

So what is Johnny's naked truth and the way he deals with his uncertainty? At first I really thought it was making others miserable, but in the end it is his own misery that is most important to his being as we see his outward appearance matching his inner, a broken wreck of a man giving up what could work to wallow alone.

As an aside looking at his minor god complex it was kind of fun to think of him as a direct descendant of the mad king he played in "Dragonheart"

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