Sunset Boulevard ★★★★★

First, shout-out to Minion Max. He mentioned in his review of "Mulholland Drive" how influential this was to it. Being that the former is one of my favorites and this is leaving Filmstruck soon it jumped to the top of my watchlist.

When it comes to film, few things are as satisfying as a "classic" that fully lives up to decades of hype, and "Sunset Boulevard" truly does.

First and foremost the narration and dialogue are just cracking, especially the opening 45 minutes. Not a line is wasted, every snappy noir response lands. All the main players are deep, developed, and above all completely pitiable for different reasons. No decision is the right one for any of them. Everyone is living their own like, trying to obtain or maintain what they consider their dream.

It's influence is undeniable, countless homages exist, plot reworkings, and it's such a timeless theme that even satires like "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" resonate so deeply.

Nothing beats having your expectations met.

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