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  • Brazil
  • Forbidden Planet
  • Blade Runner
  • WALL·E

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  • The 355


  • Tour de Pharmacy


  • 7 Days in Hell


  • The Lonely Island Presents: The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience


Recent reviews

  • Gemini Man

    Gemini Man


    Disney! Inevitable Alien reboot. Announce Winstead already.

  • Lady Macbeth

    Lady Macbeth


    You can make your film look as drab, dreary and bleak as you like as long as you have the bright, charismatic talent of Florence Pugh to light it up.

Popular reviews

  • Top Gun

    Top Gun


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    As Sid (Quentin Tarantino) in Sleep With Me says in one glorious monologue: "Top Gun is fucking great. What is Top Gun? You think it's a story about a bunch of fighter pilots..... It is a story about a man's struggle with his own homosexuality. It is! That is what Top Gun is about, man. You've got Maverick, all right? He's on the edge, man. He's right on the fucking line, all right? And you've got Iceman, and all his…

  • Se7en



    90% of horror films nowadays get no where near as creepy or lurid as even the credit sequence of Seven.

    One of the greatest films of the 90s, without a doubt.