Dial M for Murder

Dial M for Murder ★★★★½

There is no perfect murder. No matter how smart you think you are or how resourceful and well thought-out your plan is something will always not add up. People are mean by its nature and their greediness, selfishness, jealousy and vengefulness will get right back at them sooner or later. That’s why I think there’s no point of killing or murdering or hurting other people because those who do it will get what they deserve in the end and we should not stoop to their level.

"Dial "M" for murder" is probably the best detective story ever told by the master of suspense and it starsone of the best dramatic performances by Ray Milland, Grace Kelly and Robert Cummings. The plot is simple: a husband finds out about his wife’s unfaithfulness and decides to get rid of her by blackmailing his college friend who chose the wrong path into doing it for him. Sounds similar because we’ve already seen and read many identical stories but what differs this one from the rest is Alfred’s delivery of the material. He tells us from the very beginning who the killer is so that there’s no guessing – only the detective’s deduction in order to search for the truth fueled by the quickwittedness of the villain played gorgeously by Ray Milland. It’s such a pleasure to observe him inventing more and more ways to get out and confusing the investigation.

Beautiful score by Dimitri Tiomkin accompanies you throughout the movie and long shots and unusual camera angles help you enjoy the story even better. Mr Hitchcock knows how to frighten you, how to scare, how to confuse and leave you wondering, but he is also a master of entertainment; “Dial “M” for Murder” is a great entertainment tool for every cinema lover - a detective story put together with a love triangle drama where superb performances by Ray, Grace and Bob along with John Williams who played the police officer will leave you speechless until the end of the movie.

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