Enola Holmes ★★★½

I ended up being quite surprised by this. I'm a fan of the original Holmes, the Conan Doyle stories, the ITV adaptions starring Jeremy Brett, not a fan of the BBC series but I did like 'Elementary' and, of course, the BBC radio plays with Clive Merrison. So to have Enola (Millie Bobby Brown) break the fourth wall at the beginning filled me with a sense of dread. Now I know the original Holmes stories broke the fourth wall but they did so in a more indirect way.

Having said that as I sat there and let the story play out the more I came to enjoy it. Even the very big dumbing down of Mycroft couldn't mar my enjoyment. Both Millie Bobby Brown as Enola and Henry Cavill as Sherlock play their roles excellently. I had the idea that this story would make a good YA novel and after a bit of Googling I found out what you probably all already know. They are a series of YA novels (I said I was a fan of Sherlock Holmes, but i didn't say I had his investigatory skills :p) and I imagine if I was the target age group for them I would enjoy them greatly.

Even with the messing around of the canon I found much to like about this adaption.

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