Edge of the Axe

Edge of the Axe ★★½

I am so on the fence with this review over this incredibly obscure slasher title, brought back to life by Arrow films on BluRay and thrown out there. This late 80's title gives a decent core mystery where a masked killer is taking out women with a large axe and with a decent core mystery comes an array of side characters with small-town gossips, cheating husbands, barely-useful police and a priest all helping to make the community in the film feel alive and real.

Only issue is not enough time is really taken with any of these side characters to make the overall mystery part of this film feel complete. Instead we spend most of the time with computer whiz Gerald and the equally tech-savvy Lillian and good lord does the film go out of its way to make both characters as the potential killer by having them repeatedly act evasive around basic questions. Unfortunately the film also forgets to make either character likeable in the process as both characters manage to display the tact of a small toddler.

Sure the kills and chase scenes are mostly memorable and help to provide a lot of tense moments. The finale too has a pretty good set of twists to make sure the film ends on a high note but it just makes me wish there was a little bit more here.