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  • Shivers



    Rewatch via the new Vestron Blu-ray. First time in widescreen & HD which really enhanced my appreciation of the film.

  • Edge of the Axe

    Edge of the Axe


    He walked right into that.

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  • A Human Condition

    A Human Condition


    You may be wondering in the first 10 minutes why you're bothering with a noisy documentary about automobile assembly.

    Well, I don't have an easy answer for that, except to say it calls for a certain kind of relaxed and open mood to appreciate. It's quite meditative, mostly dialogue free and doesn't feature any dynamic imagery (in the traditional sense) to grab your attention but it's a highly visual film.

    The film is essentially split into 3 acts:

    •Automobile Assembly…

  • The Decline of Western Civilization Part III

    The Decline of Western Civilization Part III


    Fast forward nearly 20 years after Decline I and Spheeris turned down several multi-million dollar paying jobs and avoids interest in documenting the rap scene to carry the series out on a high note with her most humane entry of the lot.

    There's less focus on punk bands but enough to give viewers a taste of what's happening in the mid-late 90's and provide context to better understand the real subjects, which are teenagers that have become homeless and turned…