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  • Cats



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  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


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    Ridley Scott’s blade runner (whatever cut you watch) is perhaps one of the most seminal and influential pieces of science fiction cinema. The film is a unique beast to me as I’ve always viewed it as a masterpiece despite that fact that it is imperfect. I am of the belief that a film can always be identified as successful…

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  • Heat



    In 1995, Michael Mann brought a feature-length adaptation of his failed TV pilot “LA takedown” to the big screen. While Mann was already an acclaimed director with films like “Manhunter” and the French/Indian war epic “The last of the Mohicans”, it would be Heat that would come to have the biggest impact on his career as well as serving as an infinitely unquantifiable influence on future filmmakers such as Villanueve, Fincher and Nolan working within the crime genre. Heat is…

  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep


    2019 brought a lot of surprises, but perhaps it’s biggest one was the release of Mike Flanagan’s Doctor sleep. Doctor sleep was always gonna be a difficult text to adapt especially when you consider the  massive following of Kubrick’s The shining which Stephen king has a certain distaste for. Amazingly, Flanagan walks the fine line between the respective visions of king and Kubrick that should satisfy fans. Ewan McGregor is extremely compelling as the now-adult Danny Torrance, an extremely broken…